• 8/11/21: Yi Xiao, PhD student in the Maulide lab, joins us for a 4-weeks rotation: welcome Yi!
  • 1/9/21: Leonie Lehmayer is the first PhD student of the lab! Leonie joined us through the CeMM PhD Programme.
  • 1/9/21: Maciej Zaczek, PhD, joined the lab as Postdoc welcome Maciej!
  • 1/7/21: Ana Patricia Kutschat, PhD, joined the lab within the CeMM Pre-ERC Postdoc Programme.
  • 14/6/21: today Davide gave a presentation of the lab results at the department of Hematopoiesis and Regenerative Medicine (HERM) at Karolinska Institutet within the 2021 seminar series.
  • 3/5/21: Anzhelika joined the lab TA/Lab Manager
  • 7/3/21: Davide will present the projects of the lab at the Symposium “The Immune System: in sickness and in health” organized by the Josep Carreras Institute in Barcelona. Join the virtual event here.
  • 31/1/2021: We are looking for a Master Student to join our lab. If you are interested in molecular biology, curious about gene regulation, and want to learn how to apply CRISPR & NGS to study regulatory, non-coding DNA sequences, please visit this link and submit your application.
  • 19/12/2020: We are hiring PhD students to join our team. Please apply to the CeMM PhD Program. Deadline: Jan 27, 2021. Details about the position here. Details about the PhD Program here.
  • 1/1/2021: The Seruggia Lab opens doors at the St. Anna CCRI in Vienna.
  • 15/10/2020: Davide is one of the three finalists for the 2020 ISSNAF Young Investigator Awards. See press release here.
  • 16/9/2020: Great news! The lab received funding from ERC to study non-coding elements, 3D genome organization and sequence variation in leukemia (ERC-2020-StG; FIND-seq)
  • 2/9/2020: we received the 2020 WES Foundation Award to study the role of ARID5B in leukemia: see press release here

About Us

We study non-coding regulatory elements, chromatin modifiers and other epigenetic factors in the context of pediatric malignancies